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Since 2017, we are present in Romania and we have had nothing else on our mind than helping manufacturers to excel with their technical documentation worldwide.


The contact person at [itl] offers advice, support and guidance for all your translation projects to boost your content to success.

Cloud native development at [itl]

We develop Cloud Native applications that are dynamically scalable and support complex deployment patterns such as Canary releases or blue-green deployments. 


The MT-FAKTOR® – Machine Translation made easy. Machine translation is simplified in terms of usability, but much more complex in terms of application possibilities.

Benefits of Working with an Agency for your Technical Translations

Technical translation projects can be complex and time-consuming, involving a range of tasks such as quality assurance, terminology management, and project coordination. Using a translation agency can streamline these processes, helping to ensure the smooth delivery of high-quality translations. We have listed below the main reasons why a...

The 7 Key Qualities of an Outstanding Automotive Translator

An automotive translator is a professional who specializes in translating technical and scientific documents related to the automotive industry. Their role is crucial in ensuring the smooth flow of communication between different stakeholders involved in the development and production of automobiles. In this article, we will discuss the best...

7 qualities of a medical translator

Medical Translation is a crucial component of the healthcare industry, as it helps to ensure that medical information is accurately communicated between healthcare professionals, patients, and healthcare organizations. A good medical translator plays a vital role in ensuring that patients receive appropriate medical care and that medical...

SDL TRADOS: A Leading Tool for Technical Translations

Technical translation is a specialized field that requires a deep understanding of the subject matter and the ability to accurately convey complex information in another language. To meet these demands, many translators rely on translation software, such as SDL TRADOS, to streamline the translation process and ensure the accuracy of their work....

Terminology, Glossary and Quality Assurance

Technical translation is a complex task that requires not only linguistic skills but also an understanding of the subject matter and culture of the target audience. For translators, attention to detail and accuracy are critical in ensuring that the translated text conveys the intended meaning and is free from errors. At Institut für technische...

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We offer you a competent all-round service for all aspects of content translation. We provide you with expert advice and manage your projects with competence, relying on the trust and personal commitment of each member [itl].


We plan and design, digitize, provide the infrastructure, software and optimize the processes behind your product to deliver quality content, faster and affordable. Delivering innovative Cloud Native and AI solutions is our mission!


We offer tailored advice for your projects and respond promptly to your requirements. At [itl] you always have a stable and reliable partner who coordinates everything down to the smallest detail, so you can say at the end: “That’s exactly what I had in mind.”


We develop smart content that is characterised by three criteria: high quality, simplified processes and low costs, both in the implementation phase and in long-term maintenance. We speak your language and help you reach the audience you need.

NLP: an AI technology that can do it all

I cannot stress enough the importance of NLP to translation. Although artificial intelligence, or more specifically machine learning, or even more specifically natural language processing, still has a lot of difficulty interpreting sarcasm and ambiguity, so do a lot of people too. However, if we leave out sarcasm, cynicism, irony, rhetorical questions, or ambiguities, such as those due to missing commas – “Let’s eat grandpa!” –, NLP is an indispensable part of linguistic and text analysis. NLP draws from many disciplines, including computer science and computational linguistics, in its pursuit to fill the gap between human communication and computer understanding. Once written and spoken language has been analyzed and classified into its component parts, it can be reprocessed and assembled to create new informative content. Which is amazing, isn’t it?

Machine translation – a future-oriented solution

I know! You are wondering if machine translation is the right solution for your projects. You even have doubts about the quality. Fear is natural when it comes to new technologies, which are sometimes unpredictable. Well, that’s where our knowhow comes into action! We carefully analyse your documentation. Our project managers will advise you so that you make the best decision: whether you need a technical translation, specific documentation or the creation and implementation of a terminology database. Once we find the right solution, we will move on to implementation and continuous improvement. We will be at your disposal promptly at all stages of the project and ensure transparent and effective communication.

REST APIs with Swagger documentation, samples, automated tests, and Postman collections

gRPC interfaces for streaming and specific performance requirements

Merging of multiple interfaces under one interface  

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Each and every customer is treated with the utmost interest and commitment. Flexibility is one of our qualities and each employee offers solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer, providing high quality and customized services.

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