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So you are successful. How do we know that? Well, because otherwise your company would not exist and you would not be in your company. You visit our websites because you know very well that success is closely related to the verb to succeed. If nothing happens, no success follows. It is as simple as that. In theory. Now let’s get down to practice and what we can do for you.

Since 1982, we have had nothing else on our mind than helping manufacturers to excel with their technical documentation vis-à-vis their customers. Worldwide. As a full-service provider, we not only focus on the finished product in text and images, printed and digital, but also on the underlying infrastructure, software and processes. We help you optimize all aspects, always with the aim of providing you with the highest quality.

All of our 120 or so permanent employees are sworn to this, and so our quality management starts with the smallest translation detail and runs through to the group-wide consulting project. However, you will only find out how many experts contribute to the success of your project if you really want to know. Because in customer support, we keep it with the Highlander: “There can only be one.” Your personal contact advises and supports you, directs the projects that crown your content with success. You, in turn, can see how well we succeed by the fact that we have been growing and growing and growing since 1982.


Our Mission

What’s important to us.

We are an internationally active, family-owned company that conducts its business in accordance with the following ethical principles:

We work constructively and in partnership with our employees, suppliers and customers. We want to be among the best and most innovative in their competitive assessment.
We treat each other with mutual appreciation, respect and honesty. This enables us to fulfill our tasks with joy and enthusiasm.
An environment in which ideas, creativity and progress flourish is important to us. And we want our customers to benefit from our innovative strength, our technological experience and our ability to implement projects.
Together with our customers, we want to expand our position in global competition, grow nationally and internationally, and be proud of our company.
As a company, we assume social responsibility in society beyond the workplace.

Responsibility principle


Our social motto: “There is nothing good. Unless you do it.” We follow this wise saying by Erich Kästner and have for many years supported a number of organizations that alleviate suffering and need in our society. For us, social commitment means that we are involved in society beyond the workplace.

We support these organizations …

… and are also climate-neutral. 

We at itl want to make our contribution to sustainable development in climate protection. That is why we joined the “Alliance for Development and Climate” in 2019 and have already achieved our goal: We are climate neutral!

We avoid CO2 emissions as much as possible: we rely 100 percent on green electricity, ensure minimal energy consumption and avoid business trips by plane as much as possible. We compensate for the emissions that cannot be avoided by purchasing climate protection certificates. Click here for our climate-neutral certificate from 2022.

Our quality management

In addition to our certifications, a quality management officer and an information security officer at itl ensure that we have first contact persons for quality and security-related issues for employees and customers on site.


Our Team

Innovation Promotion

For several years, itl has been investing heavily in projects that optimize processes in the field of technical communication and accompany our customers into a digital future. Since the beginning of 2021, parts of these projects have been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). This funding is intended to strengthen Germany as an investment location and stimulate the research activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. It is a further incentive for us that the Federal Ministry of Education and Research considers our projects worthy of funding, and we see this as confirmation of our chosen path as a technology and solutions provider. At present, the main focus of support is on the further development of our language management platform [i]-match. In the future, we plan to have subcomponents of our planned digital ecosystem funded. 

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